Request to Comment at Advertised Meeting of the Council of the Borough of Sharpsburg

Resolution 06-10, Ordained and Enacted November 14, 2006

Act 20 of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania (enacted June 15, 1993 and amended by Act 93 on October 15, 1998) provides for reasonable opportunity for residents of or taxpayers to the Borough of Sharpsburg to comment on governmental matters, official actions, or deliberations which are or may be before the Sharpsburg Borough Council prior to the taking of official action. The term "official action" is defined in the Sunshine Law to include "a vote... on any proposal, resolution, ordinance, report or order." In order to avail yourself as an individual resident of or taxpayer to Sharpsburg Borough, you must provide the following information
Date you wish to be scheduled:
Providing false or incomplete information on this form is grounds for denying an opportunity to comment. Presentations must be limited to three minutes.
This request form or signed letter containing the above information should be received no later than 4:00pm on the Tuesday prior to the scheduled meeting in the Sharpsburg Borough Administration Office.