Trash & Recycling

Residential Trash Collection

Residential trash collection service in the Borough takes place every Tuesday throughout the year and is provided by Waste Management (WM).  Trash must be placed at the curb by 6:00 AM and is not to be put out prior to 6:00 PM the night before.

The following is a list of holidays that will delay the trash collection schedule by one day if the holiday falls on a Monday or Tuesday.  Check with the Borough Office at 412-781-0546 if you have questions.

  • New Year’s Day 
  • Memorial Day 
  • Independence Day  
  • Labor Day 
  • Christmas Day 

Missed Stops for Garbage or Recycling

The garbage truck and the recycling truck do not follow each other so you may have your trash picked up in the morning and recycling at some other point in the day. However, if you have observed that the truck went by and missed your stop or the truck did not come by the end of the collection day, please call the Borough Office at 412-781-0546 and report that the garbage/recycling was missed. We will notify WM and they are obligated to send a recovery truck within 24 hours provided that we notify them on collection day (or the morning after) of a missed stop. 

Garbage and Recycling Can Information

With the contract that started January 1, 2023, WM will only pick up trash that is placed inside of a WM garbage can. In early 2023, cans were distributed to each household with curbside service. A household needing additional WM garbage cans should call WM directly to buy an additional can. Each household can have up to three garbage cans as part of the monthly fee. Households can also purchase extra recycling cans. Extra cans must be purchased from WM as the Borough does not own any cans to sell to residents.

How to Reach a Human at WM to Buy an Additional Can

To purchase additional cans, call WM at 1-800-866-4460. You will need to speak with a human as residents do not have individual account numbers. To get to a human, say, “I need a service change” when the automated service prompts you. When you purchase a can, you will need to pay over the phone. Be sure to get a confirmation number. If you are told that you will be billed for the extra can, that is false information as individual households do not have accounts to which WM can charge the fee.

Charges for Additional Garbage and Recycling Cans

Trash and Recycling Rate Information

Rate information can be found in the How to Read Your Water Bill section of the Water & Sewer page.

Residential Recycling 

The Borough now participates in curbside recycling. Each household utilizing curbside service was provided one 32-gallon green recycling bin. Recyclable materials should be placed loose on the can (i.e., don’t put the recyclables in bags before putting them in the can) for weekly pickup. Materials must be placed in the green bin or they will not be picked up. 

Recycling Dos and Don’ts Flyer

Mixed Curbside Recycling Myths

Most Common Contaminants in Recycling

Bulk Items

Bulk items are now picked up once per month on Tuesday of the third full week of each month. If you need an additional pickup, call WM at 1-800-458-4090 and schedule an appointment. There is a fee, set by WM, depending on the type of item being picked up.

Bulk Item Information

2024 Bulk Waste Calendar

See the above flyer for info about bulk pickup. Some additional information that may be helpful is that carpet should be cut and rolled into rolls that are no longer than four feet. You can have up to eight rolls of carpet and/or padding in total for one bulk pickup day. A mattress and box spring is also considered one item. Lastly, a table and chair set is considered one bulk item.

Yard Waste

The Borough does not subscribe to yard waste service with WM. However, you can still dispose of grass clippings and leaves in your regular trash can provided that the bags fit in the garbage can.

Hazardous Materials and E-Waste  

Click Here to read information about PA e-cycles.  As of January 2013, residents cannot place E-Waste out for pick-up. E-Waste includes TVs, computer towers, laptops, cell phones. For more details click the links below and watch the Waste Management video. 

Hazardous Household Special Materials Disposal 

As part of the residential solid waste and recycling contract with Waste Management, you have a convenient opportunity to dispose of your household generated special materials-safely, easily and responsibly. The At-Your-Door Special Collection program, a residential service offered by Waste Management, continues to provide year-round collections for you. 


  1. To Participate, you must set up a collection appointment.  There are three ways to schedule a collection:

The Call Center Representatives will guide you through the steps toward a safe and successful collection. You will be asked several questions, including your address and the type and amount of materials available for the pickup. You will be provided a convenient collection date and information about where to place the kit for collection. A kit will be sent to your home in plenty of time for you to gather and pack your materials. 

  1. Preparing for collection

The collection kit includes an instruction sheet and other items to help pack and secure your household generated special materials. Please read the instruction sheet included in the kit. 

  1. Material is collected

On the scheduled date, the service technician will collect materials directly from your home. They will sort and pack the materials for proper transportation, recycling, and disposal. Participants will receive a postage-paid survey card to complete and mail back to help track the program. 

  1. You have more material than will fit into the kit?

Remember, this service is available year-round. Just schedule another collection! Small quantities may be combined with your neighbors. Call Center Representatives are available from Monday-Friday 8:00AM-8:00PM ET. Leave a message after hours, weekends and holidays. Email the Call Center: 

Still have a question? Refer to WM’s website At Your Door Pickup: Residential Collection