Public Works

The Public Works Department has three team members who are responsible for street maintenance and repair, street sweeping, maintaining the parks and playgrounds, maintaining and repairing the sewer and stormwater infrastructure, removing snow and ice from the roadways and public spaces, assisting with community events, and many other activities.

If you experience an issue such as a sewer backup or notice a large pothole, please call the Borough at 412-781-0546 to report it. The Administrative office will notify DPW of the issue.

Street Sweeping

DPW runs the street sweeper from April to November of each year. Please be sure to move your car so that the street sweeper can properly clean the streets. For every one car that is unmoved, four parking spots can’t be cleaned. While the cars are moved, DPW can also perform other routine maintenance on the parking lanes and the curbs. Thank you for your cooperation!

Street Sweeping 2024