Police Department

The Sharpsburg Police Department consists of Mayor Brittany Reno, Chief Thomas Stelitano and six full-time police officers. The Sharpsburg Police Department is proud to serve and protect the community. The Department enjoys meeting the residents and participating in community events throughout the year. The Mayor and Chief work alongside Sharpsburg Council to listen to residents and business owners to address and find resolutions to issues in the borough to improve the safety and confidence of residents, business owners and visitors.

The Police Department is located at the Borough Building at 1611 Main Street and can be reached at its non-emergency phone: (412) 781-0546.

Information About 911

The 911 number is used in emergency situations or to reach the officer on duty. 

When to Call 911

  • Any medical emergency such as heart attack, stroke, unknown medical problems, broken bones, lacerations, etc.
  • House or building fire
  • Domestic violence incidents
  • Burglary or theft in progress
  • Car crashes
  • Suspicious activities
  • To reach the officer on duty

Do NOT Call 911

  • For information
  • When the power is out
  • For paying tickets
  • For your pet
  • As a prank

Cell Phone Tips When Calling 911

  • Always know your location and be ready to give directions to the 911 call-taker using cross streets, landmarks, borough, city, and county names.
  • Always know your cell phone number in case the call-taker needs to call you back.
  • Inform the call-taker details of the emergency
  • If your call is disconnected, dial 911 again and let them know you were disconnected.