Parks & Recreational Facilities

Despite being a small borough, Sharpsburg is rich with parks and recreational facilities.

Location – 19th and Chapman Street

History – Donated to the children of Sharpsburg from the Heinz family.  Historically it was used as the football field for local teams as well as the community baseball and softball teams.

Facilities Pavilion Baseball Diamond w/Dugouts and Bleachers, Batting Cage and Equipment Storage sheds, 2 Basketball Courts, Native Garden, Deck Hockey Area, Playground Equipment, Swing Set, Picnic Tables and Porta Potties

Current Use-Baseball, Softball, Kickball.

Location – North Canal Street between 13th and 15th Street

History – Kennedy Park was originally the route of the Pennsylvania Canal. West Penn Railroad purchased the Canal in 1857 and became a rail into Pittsburgh. The West Penn Railroad merged into the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1903. In 1953 the Pennsylvania Railroad rail line was moved alongside the Allegheny River. The Pennsylvania Railroad donated a portion of the old rail between 13 th and 15 th street crossings to the Borough of Sharpsburg for use as a park. Following the death of President Kennedy the park was renamed in his honor.

Facilities – 2 Basketball Courts, Playground equipment, Concession stand w/ public restrooms, Pavilion w/Picnic Tables & electric, public benches and memorial 

Current uses – Basketball, playground for younger children, and open area for various community organizations to hold events.

Location – 16th Street between Main and Middle Street

History – Donated to the children of Sharpsburg from the Heinz family.  Historically this has served as the main playground and wading pool for the children of Sharpsburg.  

Facilities Pavilion w/Picnic Table, Water Sprinklers, Playground Equipment, Swing Set, Basketball Court Benches, Porta Potty

Current Use – Playground for older children, place to cool off under the water sprinkler, basketball court used for birthday parties.

Location – 13th Street and Riverfront

History – 

Facilities – Pavilion, Gazebo, Benches, Picnic Tables, 2 Charcoal Grills, Fishing Pier, Public Boat Launch, Boat Docks, Adventure Outdoor Kayak, Porta Potties

Current Use – Fishing, boating, picnics, canoeing and kayaking, and sauna during winter months

Location – Along the river at 13th Street

History – 

Facilities – 

Current Use – 

Location – 8th Street and Clay

History –  Honors borough native Kenneth Curleya World War II prisoner of war and dedicated in 2016.  Curley fought in the Pacific Theater. 

Facilities Rain Garden, Memorial Stone and Benches, Kindness Rock Garden

Current Uses – Community Events

Location -This park is located at the lower end of the town near Bridge Street.  

History – 

Facilities Benches and Art Installation

Current Uses – Sharpsburg & Etna Earth Day celebration

Location – North Canal Street

History – Gym started life as a YMCA in the late 1800’s.  It served as the YMCA and later was used by the community for summer swim classes, by the Sharpsburg Public High School as the gymnasium for classes, for high school basketball and volleyball teams and as a location for school dances, band concerts, and graduation ceremonies.

Facilities – Basketball/Volleyball Court, 2 locker rooms, bleachers, office, Basketball shooting machine, 

Current Use – Home of the Wolves basketball team, Annual Christmas Party