Forms & Permits

All permits and forms may be subject to a fee, posted on the Comprehensive Fee Schedule, which can be updated from time to time by resolution.

All forms can be mailed or dropped off to the Borough Administrative Office, located at 1611 Main Street, or mailed. Some forms can be submitted online as noted.

Form NameWhen to Use This FormDownloadable FormApply Online (if available)
Request to Comment at Council MeetingUse this form when you would like to be a registered speaker at a Council meeting. If you are speaking about an agenda-related item, you do not need to complete this form as you can speak about agenda-related items without registering. Request to Comment at Council Meeting (PDF)Request to Comment at Council Meeting (Online Form)
Portable Dumpster/Storage Permit ApplicationAnyone wishing to utilize a dumpster on-site should apply for this permit. Dumpster Permit Application - Revised 12.28.23 (PDF)Not Available
Accessible Parking Permit Application Sharpsburg residents with a documented disability may apply for a accessible parking sign. The application is reviewed by the chief of police and the ADA Parking Committee, which is comprised of three Council members. Accessible Parking Permit Application (PDF)Not Available
Accessible Parking Space Renewal FormUse this space to indicate that you are still using the ADA space. Accessible Parking Space Renewal Form (PDF)Accessible Parking Space Renewal Form (Online Form)
Usage Permit Application Anyone wishing to operate a business; commercial, industrial or educational cannot occupy that business (open, remodel) until a usage permit is completed, referred to the Building Inspector and space is inspected for code violations. Usage Permit Application (PDF)Not Available
Zoning Permit Application

Property owners or Contractors wishing to install signs, fences, swimming pools, decks, sidewalks or open a new business, new construction, etc. Fee is waived when a building permit application accompanies the zoning application. 

Zoning Permit Application (PDF)Not Available
Building Permit ApplicationProperty owners or Contractors wishing to erect new construction (i.e., decks, additions, etc.) must apply for a building permit. Extensive interior modifications will also require a permit. The permit is subject to the Borough Building/Zoning Inspector’s approval and therefore will need a Zoning Permit in addition to the Building Permit Application. You cannot apply online as this form is a BIU form and not the Borough’s. It is provided on the website as a convenience. Building Permit Application (PDF)Not Available
Application for Employment Non-UniformUse this form when applying for non-police jobs (i.e., administration, code enforcement, DPW, etc.). Check the website for any open employment opportunities.Application for Employment Non-Uniform (PDF)Application for Employment Non-Uniform (Online Form)
Letter of Intent to RemedyThis form is used when there is a title transfer to occur but the house does not pass inspection. The buyer can sign and notarize this form indicating that they will make the needed repairs before living in the unit or renting it out. Letter of Intent to RemedyNot Available
Tenant Information FormThis form is used by landlords/property managers to keep the borough informed when there is a change of tenant. Tenant Information Form (PDF)Not Available
Zoning Hearing Board Hearing RequestIf an issue, request or plan needs to be revied by the Zoning Hearing Board, the applicant will need to fill out this form and provide the necessary documentation to hold the hearing.Zoning Hearing Board Hearing Request (PDF)Not Available
Planning Commission Request for HearingThis form is used when an applicant needs to go before the Planning Commission. The form and associated materials will be given to the Planning Commission members ahead of the meeting.Planning Commission Request for Hearing (PDF)Not Available
Right to Know RequestThe Borough of Sharpsburg follows the policies and procedures set forth in the Open Meetings/Open Record – The Sunshine Act and the Right to Know Law for Local Government Services. Complete this form and submit to Open Records Officer at 1611 Main Street, Pittsburgh PA 15215 or by email to Refer to the Right to Know form for applicable fees. Right to Know Request (PDF)Right to Know Request (Online)
Solicitation Permit ApplicationAnyone wishing to solicit door to door or from a specific location on the public street must apply for this permit. The applicant is subject to the approval of the Chief of Police after a background check is performed before the permit is issued.Solicitation Permit Application (PDF) Not Available
Street Opening PermitAny Resident, Business, Contractor or Utility Company wishing to open the public streets of Sharpsburg, are to apply for a permit. A bond is required along with applicable fees. Street Opening Permit (PDF) Not Avaliable
Subdivision and Land Development (Simple)

Use this form for subdivisions/land development projects that involve only one parcel or that involve several adjoining parcels all owned by the same owner. For all other projects, use the longer form.

Subdivision and Land Development (Simple)Not Available