Frequently Asked Questions

When is garbage pickup delayed by one day because of a holiday?

There are only five holidays that affect trash service if they fall on a Monday or Tuesday. Read more on the Refuse and Recycling page.

How do I get rid of E-Waste and other hazardous materials?

Sharpsburg still participates in the Hazardous Households Waste program. You can contact WM and request that a bag be sent to your house for pickup and proper disposal of hazardous materials and E-waste. Visit the Refuse and Recycling page for more information.

When is bulk pick up and what constitutes a bulk item?

Bulk pickup has changed with the contract that went into effect on January 1, 2023. Bulk pickup is now once per month. There is a schedule on the Refuse and Recycling page.

What do I do if my trash or recycling was missed?

Call the Administrative Office at 412-781-0546 to notify the Borough that your trash or recycling was missed. If you notify us by Wednesday afternoon, we can get a recovery truck out to pick up the missed materials.

How do I read my water/sewer/trash bill?

There is a detailed description of the charges on the Water and Sewer page.

Do I need a parking permit and, if so, how do I get one?

Coming soon!

How do I request an ADA parking spot?

Fill out the Accessible Parking Permit Application and submit your paperwork to the borough administrative office. Your paperwork will be given to the ADA Committee, which is a subset of Council, for a decision to be rendered. You will be issued a letter with the Committee’s decision.

How do pay my parking ticket?

You can pay your parking ticket in two ways:

  1. Mail it to 1611 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15215
  2. Drop it off in person at the counter during business hours or by placing it in the after hours mailbox at the front of the building. It is the mail slot located on the builidng and not the white mailbox that is detached from the building. (That white mailbox is for water bills only.)

Please note that despite having a Pittsburgh ZIP code, the Borough of Sharpsburg is a municipality separate from the City of Pittsburgh and therefore we cannot accept payment for parking tickets that are issued by Pittsburgh Parking Authority. 

Who should I talk to about a property tax question?

Effective January 2024, Jordan Tax Service, Inc. was appointed the Deputy Tax Collector for the Borough of Sharpsburg. All Borough and School Real Estate Tax payments should be mailed to their office moving forward.  (Please refrain from using the Borough Drop Box)

Jordan Tax Service, Inc.102 Rahway RoadMcMurray, PA 15317

Phone:  724-731-2311Hours: Monday through Friday  8:00 AM to 4:30 PM  (McMurray Office)Additional Hours located at the Borough of Sharpsburg will be included with your tax bill in April.

Who do I talk to about mercantile, business privilege, earned income, or local service taxes?

Coming soon!

How do I report a streetlight that is out?

If you notice that a streetlight is out (one of the tall Duquesne Light ones, not a decorate street light in the business district), use the link below. You can search by pole number, street name and zip code. You can also select “My Address is Not Listed” and a map will come up and you can drop a pin where the outage is located.